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Innovative Faith Community Housing

Parkside Apartments &

East Village Community Church

Built 2009

New Sanctuary, Community Room, Offices & 77 Units 
​Wakeland Housing Corp

San Diego, CA

The Team

​Pastor Dorance & Brenda Aldridge 
East Village Community Church

Mr. Ken Sauder
Co-Founder & CEO
Wakeland Housing 

  • Learn from Pastor & Developer the story of East Village Community Church & Parkside Apartments, completed in 2009.

  • Consider the possibilities for your Place of Worship to bless San Diego with rental housing for vulnerable populations as is agreeable to your Congregation.

  • How can Innovative Housing Typologies expedite Faith Community Housing

                                                   Video below!

The Faith Community Offers The Third Option in the Housing Crisis Conversation...

            Beyond NIMBYs & YIMBYs come YIGBYs

                             Yes In God's Back Yard!

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Top 3 Reasons Places of Worship Offer the Third Option in the Housing Crisis Conversation:

​1. All World Religions have a call to aid the vulnerable
​2. All Places of Worship can benefit from added Revenue & Relevance​
3. Innovative Housing multi-family models, master leasing & ground leasing

    simplify financing, construction & operation

There are 4600 acres of Faith Community owned land in San Diego County
according to 2020 UC Berkeley Terner Center for Innovative Housing report,

most of which can accommodate some residential buildout

Time to Escape the "Cognitive Rut" on affordable housing See housing through innovative lenses & ​Flip This Housing Crisis!

YIGBY Innovative Housing video title boa

YIGBY Innovative Housing Tour 2019

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