OUR MISSION UPLIFT is dedicated to improving community equity with free services to San Diego's most vulnerable, helping house our homeless neighbors and academically advance low income students, lifting all to their highest potential.

There is no faith affiliation required to receive services from or serve with UPLIFT.
All are welcome ♥

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Meet Lucia | Success Story

In 2011, Lucia joined our Kids at Heart program. Kids at Heart (KAH) provides one-to-one tutoring for low-income students. Today, Lucia is pursuing her Master's degree in Forensic Psychology and planning to pursue a career in the criminal justice system (how awesome!). 

"Kids at Heart tutoring was life-changing and contributed to my love of learning. My tutor, Carol, was like the grandmother I never had. I’m forever grateful for her kindness, encouragement, and the great memories.  I can definitely say Kids at Heart helped get me here. Thank you UPLIFT and Kids at Heart!"

- Lucia, 2020   

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