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2021 Kindness Kit Campaign
Mental Health Minded | 4th Quarter Kindness Kits

Support Mental Health & Give the Gift of Kindness

Make a Donation of $50+ OR a Monthly Pledge of $10+ by December 31st, 2021 

UPLIFT Kindness is Contagious Bag Graphi
Kindness Kit bag.jpg
Maureen's cards.jpg

Receive a Kindness Kit delivered to you, friends or family each quarter through 2021

Mental Health Minded 4th Quarter Kindness Kits Include:

  1. Kindness is contagious, Be a super spreader sturdy shopping tote

  2. Maureen Blackhall blank note cards, stamps & pen to say hello, thank you & I love you!

  3. Get Your Mind Back to Kind Tip Sheet - encouraging mental health resilience for all ages

 Your gift will be a Tremendous Blessing to the vulnerable populations UPLIFT serves.

The Gift of Kindness Changes the World!​
Click the Gift to Read the Story

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